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Effectiveness of Co-Location to Assist Design for a $1.7 Billion Convention Center Project
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In this presentation, we will discuss a case study of an ongoing $1.7 billion convention center project and see how a virtual design and construction (VDC)-heavy workflow combined with a design-assist process focused on collaboration in the preconstruction phase helped identify and resolve mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design issues. We will talk about the co-location process used on the project and the value and benefits it provided all project stakeholders.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to implement co-location on your project and discover the key drivers to success
  • Discover the advantages and challenges of implementing co-location during the design phase of a project
  • Learn how to make coordination more efficient in terms of contract, workflow, schedule, and BIM execution plan
  • Learn about VDC tools and techniques used for successful coordination in the design and preconstruction phase of a large-scale project



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