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Effective BIM Workflow Training for Project Teams

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    Enhance your project team's performance and profitability with tailored company and project-specific BIM workflow training. Learn how to leverage customized content for your entire team, from subcontractors to suppliers, elevating and standardizing the skills relevant to your projects. Find out how to seamlessly incorporate efficiency-boosting tools, like an intuitive course builder, AI-generated content, Autodesk plugin, executive reporting dashboards, skills gap assessments and custom learning paths to help attract and retain top talent, demonstrate skills competency, save more time and ultimately win more bids. Plus - see it all in action with engaging product demos and use cases! Join us, and discover how Global eTraining redefines BIM workflow training, enabling seamless knowledge transfer within teams and supply chains. 

    Key Learnings

    • Building custom, project-specific online, on-demand workflow training for your team including sub-trades and supply chains.
    • Increasing productivity through personalized online, on-demand training (including BIM, Autodesk, OSHA, leadership & more).
    • Boosting team efficiency with time-saving tools such as a powerful online course builder and AI-generated course content.
    • Attracting and retaining top talent through continued skills training, personalized content and custom learning paths.