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Effective Automatic Creation of an Intelligent Model for Road Infrastructure

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    Road infrastructure consists of many simple elements—road signs, traffic barriers, traffic lights, and so on. Creating and placing them separately in large infrastructure projects can be very labor intensive. In this technical presentation, we’ll demonstrate how to automate the creation of an intelligent model for road infrastructure using Dynamo scripts and universal Revit families. This class will teach you how to organize a geographic information system (GIS) system of a traffic management plan in Civil 3D software and effectively transfer it to an InfraWorks model. Learn how to set up an effective link between a 2D plan and the consolidated intelligent model in accordance with the information embedded in the vector objects. We’ll also cover the creation of parametric barriers in Inventor software for InfraWorks, and how to apply parametric barriers for component roads in InfraWorks. See a demonstration of the Dynamo script that places barriers on the appropriate position in the consolidated model in accordance with the attributes of the barrier’s points from the 2D plan.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to quickly create and accurately place road signs for your infrastructure projects with universal families in Revit and Dynamo
    • Learn how to create parametric city furniture like barriers in Inventor and apply them to component roads in InfraWorks
    • Learn how to manage the connection between 2D plans in Civil 3D and the consolidated intelligent model in Navisworks and InfraWorks
    • Learn how to effectively create a realistic aggregated intelligent model of road infrastructure with all project elements