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Dynamo: Structural Engineers’ New Personal Assistant

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    Everyday structural engineering workflows have repetitive tasks and data interoperability issues that can be resolved with a more parametric approach. Structural engineers and BIM designers can benefit by using Dynamo to develop custom tools to assist them to exchange data between internal and external software platforms, perform engineering calculations, optimize, and generate drawings. But then the question is how can engineers trust the calculations done by a custom Dynamo tool developed by another engineer? This class will demonstrate and discuss how we can make Dynamo assist engineers by presenting both basic and complex workflow examples. Further, the class will discuss some good practices and suggestions to convince your boss and your team to use Dynamo, and cover how to get past the “black box” problem.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover repetitive tasks in daily structural engineering workflows that can be assisted by Dynamo
    • Learn how to convert engineering codes standards to Dynamo scripts
    • Learn about best practices to create Dynamo scripts for engineering calculation
    • Discover methods to convince users and increase transparency of the black-box nature of Dynamo player