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Dynamo + Revit Systems Analysis = True BIM for HVAC

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    Frustrated with getting Revit data to a third-party load software for load calculations? Tired of fumbling with engineering schematics and the lack of connectivity to 3D Revit software’s elements? By combining Dynamo software with Revit software’s new Systems Analysis, your project can get off and running quickly while establishing a solid foundation for project health throughout the life of the project. See how reliable energy models can quickly be set up and ran using EnergyPlus directly in the Revit environment. Then witness how computational design can document the systems with 2D schematics, place 3D Revit elements, and build connections to build a true integrated intelligent model. This class will get you inspired to explore new workflows, and it will provide a basic introduction to the Revit Systems Analysis features, and show the potential for powerful computational workflows for mechanical engineers.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to use the new Revit software’s Systems Analysis tools.
    • Learn how to build an accurate analytical model within Revit.
    • Learn how to run a typical HVAC sizing and energy analysis directly inside Revit.
    • Learn how to use views and schedules for a quick QA/QC of a Revit analytical model.