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Dynamo Hero 2: Using Scripting to Solve Real-World BIM Challenges

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    This class will present how real-life architectural projects have used Dynamo Studio software to accelerate complex Building Information Modeling (BIM) challenges within Revit software and Navisworks software. This class will explain how Dynamo Studio software with PythonScript is the essential missing link in the BIM process. Attendees will also learn the improvements to the user interface upgrades in version 0.8 of Dynamo visual programming language extension and how to consolidate their coding using Code Blocks.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover more time-efficient approaches to repetitive design tasks
    • Discover the principles of the Dynamo visual programming interface
    • Discover the principles of DesignScript and PythonScript
    • Learn how to set up simple list management strategies for managing Clash results in Navisworks