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Drones in construction: The Growth of a Drone Program

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    This session will be a deep dive into using drones on your jobsite and the best practices to making drones the next great tool on your jobsite—further, we’ll look at how Layton Construction went from 5 drones to 30 in a year, and the process and tools it took to grow that drone fleet. Partnering with DroneDeploy has been key to letting us to grow. DroneDeploy’s tools empower us to grow our own fleet, as does their great customer service. Learn how to take your workflow into ReCap software and Revit software to get the most out of scans.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a deep and robust understanding on how to build, manage, and get the most out of drones for the best possible workflow
    • Learn how to speak with upper management about starting and growing a drone program within their own company
    • Learn about best practices when it comes to getting drones on site, and how to work with the FAA
    • Learn about the best use for software for the drones