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Drone Matching—Aligning Your 3D Concept Over an Existing Site

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    Getting your client to understand the intent of your design is one of the most difficult obstacles in the architecture business. As an architecture visualization expert, the speaker has spent the past 14 years finding ways to creatively show architectural designs in a way that the client can understand. One of the best ways is to show that design preconceptually over the proposed site it will live on. In this class, you’ll learn how to set up a drone and how to best control it for applying 3D compositing. We’ll cover the basics (as well as some tricks) to get the best possible drone match animation, covering preproduction to postproduction and everything in between.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover basic drone setup and flight control for getting the best footage for 3D matching
    • Discover basic import techniques within Syntheyes to calculate the best point data
    • Learn about how to import the point data from Syntheyes to 3ds Max and align the data to your 3D model
    • Understand how to composite the render data with the captured footage