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Does BIM-Based Facility Management Work for Small Projects?

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    Facility management (FM) or 6D has been discussed as a huge benefit to owners, but very few owners take advantage of this because it typically requires significant forethought and investment prior to construction. We wanted to see we could implement this after construction. We’ll dive into a case study of a small 8,400-square-foot, net-zero structure, and look at several approaches to BIM-based FM. The study will also discuss what elements were deemed worthwhile tracking as opposed to those that were nice to have. We’ll cover how much effort went into creating a usable solution and what business models exist to support this. We’ll look at a self-generated approach using BIM 360 Ops software, a consultant-based solution (EcoDomus), and a vendor-based solution (syyclops). Based on the scale and type of project, we’ll discuss the merits of each solution and potential fits within the construction sectors. And we’ll have some value metrics and projected value over the lifespan of the building.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to evaluate items to track for facility management
    • Narrow down the options for facility management solution types
    • Learn about the effort and cost of implementing an FM solution on a small project
    • Gain a checklist of metrics to determine value and ROI