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Ditch Pen and Paper and Digitize Your Estimation Process with Digital Twins

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    Traditional estimation methods for new build and renovation projects involve hours manually measuring the physical space. If you're lucky, the 2D drawing or a 3D "model fairy” has blessed you with somewhat accurate drawings at best. But, in most situations, we don't hold our breath. Brandt recognized they could divert time spent on multiple site visits to other critical project needs by bringing reality capture to their estimation process. With one Matterport scan, Brandt built a great foundation of project information using the digital twin to collect, document, and record spaces for quick reference to create long-term value for their clients. Learn how Brandt built remote estimation into their projects, saving time and money by reallocating resources to more critical tasks, all while minimizing disruption within their estimating team. The result for Brandt was the same. Accurate and reliable estimates, but in less time without the overhead costs involving multiple site visits.

    Key Learnings

    • Digitize estimation with digital twins, reducing site visits and errors.
    • Adopt new tech for better communication and increased efficiency.
    • Enhance proposals and jumpstart design in Revit using digital twins.
    • Achieve project KPIs by integrating Autodesk & Matterport workflows.