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Digital Twin: Bringing MEP Models to Life

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    The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is heading toward Industry 4.0 and digital twins are a trend. As MEP design processes become more intelligent, digital twins are now feasible to reach and have many advantages ahead. These are powerful and can enable building owners to create smart buildings and operate with less. MEP models and point-cloud scans are more accessible toward more-affordable sensors. How can we use MEP models after project handover to enhance the operation of buildings along their lifecycles? This class will show the process of converting MEP models to digital twins using IoT devices—specifically, how to connect MEP models and sensors together by using cloud technology, Dynamo, and Revit 2020 software. Also, this class will show how to visualize IoT live data with BI dashboards to increase awareness of how people use buildings and to enhance the maintenance process of buildings. So, learn how to bring MEP models to life as digital twins, comply with client needs, and make the build environment more sustainable

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of digital twins for MEP design
    • Discover the different types of IoT devices available for MEP systems
    • Learn about bringing together MEP models and IoT sensors
    • Learn how to visualize live IoT data with BI dashboards