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Digital Field Management with the BIM 360 Classic and Next-Generation Platform

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    Ever wondered how to deploy the BIM 360 platform onto a live construction project. Sit in on a case study and informative technical presentation on the largest higher-education construction project in the United Kingdom. Learn how Excitech and Balfour Beatty have deployed BIM 360 classic and next-generation platforms as a platform to support the digital vision of field management and digital construction, to deliver many benefits and increase visibility across the project, yet at the same time de-risk the project and increase quality in the delivery. From the initial uptake of the design intent models to the collation of asset data during commissioning, see and learn the processes and workflows established. See how bar codes are helping navigation and management of the project assets on the site, but don’t think of assets as just mechanical and electrical plant items, see how people and temporary site equipment are also being considered.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about BIM 360 classic and next-generation implementation
    • Learn about digital field management
    • Learn about workflow of data during construction
    • Learn how to save delivery time by using technology