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Developing BIM 360 Capability in Kenya to Optimize Construction of the Largest Waste Recycling Facility in East Africa
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Sanergy is a social enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya, that safely collects and treats 12,000 tons of waste, converting it into valuable products: insect-based proteins derived from black soldier flies for animal feed, organic fertilizer, and biomass fuel briquettes. This model provides a closed-loop, zero-waste solution that ensures waste is transformed into high-quality sustainable products. We are in the process of scaling up our production of insect-based animal protein to convert roughly 70,000 tons per year of organic waste into 3,600 tons of animal feed through the construction of a new advanced facility. Sanergy is a devoted Autodesk user, and this massive construction project provided an opportunity to capitalize on the power of BIM 360 software. In this session, we will review the training given by third-party providers via the Autodesk Foundation, the challenges faced when rolling out a new technology-based way of working in construction within the context of an African country, and the benefits achieved.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the tricks and tips to prepare for a successful construction project using BIM 360.
  • Learn how to engage suppliers efficiently in the construction process to optimize information sharing and milestones delivery.
  • Discover the potential challenges associated with utilizing BIM 360 in a low-tech or low-experience environment.
  • Discover clear strategies to address the challenges and set your project on a path to delivery success.



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