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Design and Calculation of Fire Sprinkler Systems in Revit Per NFPA and Other Standards

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    Got CALC? In Revit software? If you’re a fire protection engineer working in Revit, you need to run industry-standard hydraulic calculations and reports. Design your system in native Revit without any third-party tools, or with anyone’s third-party tools. You can calculate any Revit fire protection system using SprinkCAD’s SprinkCALC software for water-based sprinkler systems. Standards supported include NFPA 13 and 14, EU12845, BS5306, CEA4001, AS2118.1, NZS4541, and FM DS03. Also supported are fluid delivery time calculations for dry-pipe systems—so you can be sure about when the water will be there. We’ll also display the new SprinkCAD for Revit tools. These include the following: the Revit Family Builder, letting you create complex families in seconds without any knowledge of RFA construction; and Head-Connection tools for fast drawing of sprigs and drops, armovers, flex piping, and even entire ranges of branches with the Auto Branch line generator.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to perform hydraulic calcs on any Revit fire protection system using SprinkCALC software directly from the Revit model
    • Discover the difference between standard Revit tools and the SprinkCAD suite of tools for FP designers and engineers
    • Learn how to create Revit Families of sprinklers, valves, fittings, hangers, and more with the SprinkCAD Family Builder
    • Learn how to quickly connect arrays of sprinklers to a main pipe with multiple branches and variable armovers, including flexible drops