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Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Modular Prefabrication: Methods for Workforce Training

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    Design, fabrication, and manufacturing for construction is advancing in the piping industry at a rapid pace. As such, workforce training for using the latest available technologies with the latest advances in design is essential. In this class, we’ll explore design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) workflows and methods and the application to United Association training for improving the DfMA and modular assembly fabrication and installation skills of installers of mechanical piping and plumbing systems. We’ll be exploring generative design, modular assembly techniques, and automated tools, including their integration with Revit software, BIM 360 software, Navisworks software, and STRATUS, to develop modular fabrication training processes and methods.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply generative design, automation, and modular assembly to construction DfMA fabrication processes.
    • Learn how to employ Revit, BIM 360, and Navisworks for DfMA production and workforce training.
    • Learn DfMA training techniques for prefabrication of modular assemblies.
    • Learn how to train personnel performing DfMA and modular assembly fabrication for construction projects.