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Design to Fabrication: Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later! Model Prep for Fabrication ESTmep.

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    Revit, Revit, and more Revit. Is Revit software all you’re hearing about? Even if that is not the case, you are going to want to attend this class and see what all the hype is about. Does your BIM department have access to the Revit files for the projects they’re working on? Do you have access to the Revit files before bid time? In this class, we will demonstrate some of your options to identify potential design-to-fabrication issues in Revit. We will also look at your options to streamline the conversion pipe accessories in the design-to-fabrication process. Once the conversion from design to fabrication has been done, we will look at running Fabrication reports in Revit. Finally, we will export out a .MAJ file and review it in Fabrication ESTmep software to verify pricing and labor.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Revit Schedules to identify potential design-to-fabrication issues
    • Review options for converting pipe accessories to streamline the design-to-fabrication process
    • Learn how to use fabrication reports in Revit
    • Get a review of .MAJ file in Fabrication ESTmep to verify pricing and labor