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Design Automation by Parametric Design of a Viaduct with Dynamo and Revit in 20 minutes

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    Witness the automation of modeling a structural model for viaducts based upon an AutoCAD Civil 3D file, and exchange this with Microsoft Excel, Dynamo software, and Revit software. See how we use the analytical model for structural calculations in SOFiSTiK. The Revit model of a viaduct will contain precasted girders, concrete decks, abutments, pillars, foundation, piles, bearings, barriers, and railings. All of these elements will be generated in 20 minutes. We will use the typical design parameters-like width, elevations, cross-fall (super elevation), amount of and length off spans, support rotation, and supports placed by station-for this model. We will generate the Revit analytical model simultaneously to be used for structural analysis in SOFiSTiK. The content shown in this class was developed together with Autodesk Consulting, who taught us and helped us create the Visual Dynamo script with lots of Python nodes.

    Key Learnings

    • See how you can automate your designs for viaducts
    • See how Dynamo helps reduce modeling time for repetitive tasks
    • See an integrated design workflow between the physical and analytical model for a viaduct
    • See how you can create custom interoperability with Dynamo, read specific AutoCAD Civil 3D information, and use this in Revit to model geometry