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The Data Lab—How to Link, Extract, Customize, and Extend Data for BIM Readiness
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The data-rich attribution required for Building Information Modeling (BIM)-ready models often requires some level of customization so out-of-the-box objects can provide more value and represent level of development (LOD) stages throughout the project lifecycle. In this lab, we will progress through 4 distinct methods of creating custom attribution. We will start with block entities with attribution. Next, we will create custom properties via the Property Set utility. In method 3, we will turn geometry into a feature class and add custom data. And finally, we will use the tools in the Infrastructure Administrator to create an even more powerful geometry/data combination that will streamline some of the workflows that we just learned! In all of these examples, we will create, extract, and demonstrate data input/output flow for each method. As a final treat, we will jump into InfraWorks 360 software and learn the secret to making a custom feature class—now you don’t have to always put your wind-turbine models in the City Furniture type class! This session features AutoCAD Civil 3D and Infrastructure Administrator. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn how blocks with attributes can automatically create and link to external databases
  • Learn the power of Property Set Manager which creates extended data that can apply to AutoCAD Civil 3D objects
  • Learn how to make a feature class and create a custom data schema
  • Learn what the Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator does—it’s amazing




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