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Create Instant Professional Reports Using Dynamo

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    As a Computational Design Specialist, Oliver spends much of his time handling Revit data. However, this data needs to be represented visually and contextualised in a report to have the maximum impact on key decision makers. Using Dynamo, Oliver has automated the production of a full range of reports: room data sheets, model analysis dashboards, clash detection visuals and visual coordination reports. Packed with engaging graphics, this talk will demonstrate quick and effective workflows for generating high-impact reports using Dynamo, Excel and InDesign. Subjects covered include:An in-depth case study of AHMM's Revit model warnings template and Dynamo definition.How to build a template file to receive data and auto-generate graphics.How to build a database resource and cross-check this in your Dynamo definitions.Using in-built Python libraries to enhance your analytics; automatically carry-out file operations, analyse files, and apply timestamps to your generated data. How to achieve beautifully-formatted reports in Excel.An overview of InDesign's Datamerge tool and benefits of database publishing. Oliver will cover best practice on visual report design and an overview of different approaches to data visualisation. The talk will conclude with an overview of helpful resources.

    Key Learnings

    • Delegates? report will be standardised and created to a high level of quality.
    • Delegates will save significant time in producing reports.
    • Delegates will know how to create engaging visuals from Revit data.
    • Delegates will learn how to create & reference a database in their Revit data analysis.