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Controlling MEP Fabrication Parts in Revit by Using the API and Dynamo
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The goal of this class is to show users how they can model more accurately using Fabrication Parts in Revit software by using the power of Dynamo, the Revit API, and some good Fabrication CAD database management practices. For time’s sake, this demo will focus on the issues that Mechanical Inc. incurred when modeling out MEP Fabrication hangers. We’ll outline a series of problems, including producing hanger drawings, extracting point data out of Revit for field install, and producing accurate material BOMs using fabrication reports. We’ll discuss how each problem came about, the issues it was causing, what our solution was, and how we developed that solution natively in Revit and Fabrication CAD without the use of paid add-ins. While the workflows being demonstrated will focus mainly on MEP hangers, they can be applied to all categories of MEP Fabrication elements and used to overcome current limitations with Fabrication Parts that come out of the box.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use templates with good database management to create deliverables
  • Learn how to read and write data to Fabrication Parts within Revit using Dynamo and the API
  • Learn how to extract points from Revit using out-of-the-box tools—no add-ins
  • Learn how to create accurate BOMs with the Fabrication Reports tool



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