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Connecting Third-Party Data and Automating Your Revit Designs in Dynamo

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    Ensuring that data stays at the center of the design-to-construction process, as well as connecting that information across architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) disciplines, can lead to significant efficiency gains for the industry. In this class, we’ll explore how to seamlessly integrate and transfer data across a building retrofit process—from on-site survey to structural retrofit design to project visualization and construction documentation. Learn how a team of Autodeskers and engineers from Build Change—a nonprofit organization that helps communities design and construct more-disaster-resistant buildings—used Dynamo to: connect survey data from a third-party application to Revit software; automate the creation of 3D as-builts, retrofit designs, and construction sheets; streamline structural engineering analysis; and provide project owners with an interactive visualization of the final design—and how these concepts and skills can be applied beyond the building retrofit process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to recognize inefficiencies in manual workflows where data is being translated from one form to another (for instance, from 2D survey data to 3D Revit models)
    • Learn how to recognize situations where you can capitalize on data structures in Dynamo to automate workflows
    • Understand the use of custom nodes in Dynamo to parse and extract the data you need
    • Learn how to automate structural engineering analyses and the production of common Revit drawing elements