Pre-conference Session    CS141601
Connect and Construct - Improving project execution and solving challenges with the Internet of Things (IoT)
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What is the Internet of Things? How can it be applied at the construction site to help firms save time, money, and improve project outcomes? This interactive discussion will answer these questions and highlight IoT solutions that improve worker safety, risk management, crane efficiency, and concrete management. Case examples and metrics will be included as appropriate as well as guidance on how to deploy the power of IoT on your projects. Moderator: Brook Potter, Sr. Business Manager, Autodesk Panelists: Alex Schwarzkopf, CEO, Pillar Technologies Brendan Dowdall, CEO, Concrete Sensors Meirav Oren, CEO, Versatile Natures Chad Hollingsworth, CEO, Triax Technologies, Inc. Alex Schwarzkopf, CEO, Pillar Technologies Alex Schwarzkopf is the CEO and co-founder of Pillar Technologies. Pillar was recently part of the first Techstars IoT program and won the Forbes Change the World competition in 2016. Prior to launching his startup, Alex worked at Tesla Motors in Silicon Valley, and he spent time designing scalable wireless technologies for sub-Saharan Africa. Meirav Oren, CEO, Versatile Natures Ms. Oren is the co-founder and CEO of Versatile Natures (VN), an IoT & AI enhanced construction tech startup, that transform every construction site into a truly profitable, smart, and safe work environment, by supporting construction managers with real-time, actionable insights. Meirav grew up in the construction industry, seeing the pains first hand. She spent 10 years at Intel, spearheading BizOps and financial services, leading international projects with multicultural teams. Chad Hollingsworth, CEO, Triax Technologies, Inc. Chad is the Chief Executive Officer of Triax Technologies, a construction job site safety and communication solutions provider.Chad co-founded Triax Technologies and brings to his role a passion to continually improve the efficiency and safety of the built environment.In addition to his role as chief executive, Chad leads all business development and strategic partnership initiatives.



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