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Connect Desktop and Cloud—Free Your BIM Data

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    Your Building Information Modeling (BIM) data increases significantly in value the more you make use of it. Cloud-based technologies make this extremely easy. We explore how to connect the desktop and the cloud to make any BIM data you choose available to anyone you choose, including optional round-trip real-time editing of selected properties and features. This class discusses extracting information from your Revit Models, enhancing Collaboration for Revit workflows, new additions to the growing suite of The Building Coder desktop-BIM-cloud samples, AEC related Forge APIs such as the Viewer and the Model Derivative API. The latter enables easy translation of design files to different formats and extracting data from them to use almost anywhere. Using demonstrations and dissections of sample applications, we show how these programming tools can easily and vastly enhance your BIM workflows. This is an advanced class for experienced programmers. This session features Revit and Forge. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to connect desktop applications and BIM with cloud and mobile apps
    • Learn how to architect a completely portable, cloud-based data repository, geometry viewer, and navigator
    • Discover use of—and sample code for—Forge Platform APIs, including View and Data API and Model Derivative API
    • Discover open-source tools such as Node.js for a web server and the MongoDB NoSQL database