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Concrete Lift Drawings in Revit—People, Process, and Product

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    This class will cover how to create concrete lift drawings in Revit software. We'll cover the people who need to be engaged, the processes from developing an estimate to providing field-layout data, and the final product of quality lift drawings that add value for the entire project team. You will learn how the concrete Revit model can become the hub for the whole concrete team and second-tier subs, and also you'll learn how to greatly enhance communication with the design team and the general contractor. This class will discuss the technical aspects of creating and maintaining a construction-level concrete model, including families, parts, and the use of pour sequence parameters. We'll demonstrate what information is important to concrete field crews, and how to effectively communicate that through Revit software-based lift drawings. You will also learn how to use geometry in Revit to create point data, and then how to use that point data downstream in the layout process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use technical Revit tools and tips used for creating CIP lift drawings
    • Understand what concrete lift drawings need to provide to make field crews successful
    • Learn how to develop a process and engage people in the lift drawing process to make it successful for all concrete team members
    • Learn how to use data in the concrete lift drawings model to save time and increase quality in the layout process