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From Concept to Cost Estimating Using InfraWorks 360

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    This unique class will review key workflows required to go from concept design proposals to detailed design cost estimates. Our mission is to create 2 concept-level designs for a new municipal spine roadway and trunk sewer and compare the cost of works for each scenario. We will start with a detailed look at InfraWorks 360 software and demonstrate the workflows required to build our 2 new proposals. Then we will connect our concept-level design to AutoCAD Civil 3D software to detail the roadway and sewer designs. We will look at the various quantity takeoff tools found in AutoCAD Civil 3D software and export both AutoCAD software and AutoCAD Civil 3D object data to formats that you can use for estimating. To complete the class we will introduce a new cloud-based cost-estimating system called AEC Tender. Using AEC Tender, we can connect to data extracted from our detailed design and generate detailed cost estimates for both scenarios within minutes using past project construction unit costs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about building multiple concept design proposals using InfraWorks 360
    • Learn how to connect concept design with AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • Learn about AutoCAD Civil 3D Quantity Takeoff
    • Learn about a new cost estimating system used to generate cost estimates from Quantity Takeoff data sets