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Computational Logic in Structural Design

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    The visual programming interface of Dynamo is enabling structural engineers with the tools to build optimized structures with minimal energy, and subsequently make their own design tools. Based on the Revit Platform, we can use our creativity to develop optimized structural systems using computational logic in an advanced building information modeling environment. This lab will teach participants how to create and iterate computational space frames with native Revit Framing elements and Adaptive Components, and how these can be used in structural analysis.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn what Dynamo is, and why we want to make our own Structural Design tools.
    • Learn how to use Dynamo to create Computational Space Frame Structures.
    • Learn how to integrate the structural analysis tools in Revit software with the Dynamo extension and conceptual modeling
    • Learn how to integrate Structural Analysis tools in Revit with Dynamo and Conceptual Modeling.