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Computational Design in Infrastructure

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    The class/presentation will cover a holistic overview of a digital platform that integrates different systems. This Rapid workflow starts with the Optioneering design that sets the base for the Preliminary design, which then combines the Pavement decision tree and its automated design. This workflow reduces the time required for the early design stages, enhances collaboration between different parties and improves the decision making in the early design phases. The benefits for the audience should be the combination of different tools and techniques that need to be used in order to achieve a fully automated and integrated platform. The outcomes will include; how the use of a centralized database will support the data flow, how customized programming scripts will solve any software limitations, the principles of computational design and how you need to approach it for benefiting your design.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the opportunities for computational design in Infrastructure projects
    • Adopt an innovation workflow for Rapid Design
    • Realize the benefits for investing in computational design
    • Manage a similar task within their organization