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Computational BIM Forum

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    There is a lot of discussion about computational tools for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, such as Grasshopper and Dynamo. Where is this technology going next? What will it enable for the AEC industry in the future? As the AEC industry moves toward using tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in their workflows, it is becoming increasingly more important to have structured, good quality data within our models and project environments. It is also important to understand how machine learning can be leveraged to improve the design and delivery process in AEC. Learn how you can start exploring some of these techniques on your own. Come hear speakers from Architecture, Engineering and Construction talk about how they are extending computational workflows and extending Dynamo. Learn about what problems they are trying to solve and how they think workflows that leverage computational methods will help them do more while making less negative impact on the earth. Finally, get inspired by stories from adjacent industries which will illustrate how machine learning and artificial intelligence can shape not just AEC industry, but our world. This year, the Computational BIM Forum will be available to all AU attendees.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe what a Dynamo extension is, how you can make one, and recall 5 examples of extensions from the Dynamo Extensions workshop earlier in the day.
    • Describe 3 applications for machine learning in AEC workflows and how you can start exploring machine learning on your own.
    • Describe a strategy for how to prepare data for machine learning workflows using computational tools.
    • Recall at least one workflow that leverages computational methods to help an AEC professional build better buildings.