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Collecting, Cataloging, and Getting the Most Value from Room Data

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    When it comes to Building Information Modeling, we seem to have the building and modeling parts down pretty well, but the information part continues to cause the architecture, engineering, and construction industry to evolve and change. The problem with the information part is not its existence, but rather its longevity and connection to the building. The information exists, but in too many forms: spreadsheets, databases, catalogs, and other miscellaneous documents. So, how do you tie these other data sources to the model? We will examine various methods for overcoming data loss by bringing the information part in early and keeping it in an accessible form that can feed the lifecycle of the building. Discussion will center around the creation, maintenance, and accessibility of room data. We will examine various options for making the data accessible through multiple platforms simultaneously.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain your options for data export to Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Access®, and MySQL
    • Maintain information from design through facilities management
    • Describe options for collecting and cataloging room data
    • Build families for data harvesting