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Civil 3D to 3ds Max Using Civil View for Compelling Civil Construction Sequences

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    Importing corridors and roadways from Civil 3D software into 3ds Max software is just the start to making your roadways pop for presentation graphics. Using the components built into Civil View, you can transform a basic corridor model into a realistic-looking intersection or highway that will make your renderings stand out. The course will review Object Placement and Road Marking Style Editors built into 3ds Max Civil View, and the best practices for applying the elements to corridors imported from Civil 3D. This course will show how Skanska uses Civil View in their construction sequences to help their graphics stand above the rest to the owner.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import Civil 3D Corridor Models into 3ds Max using Civil View
    • Learn how to apply detail to your civil roadway models using the Road Marking Style Editor
    • Learn how to place civil roadway elements using the Object Placement window
    • Learn how to render a Civil infrastructure model in 3ds Max