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Cinematic Story and Camera Techniques for Architectural Visualization

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    High-quality architectural presentations are more than just good-looking renders; your images need to tell a compelling story. This course will show you how to use 3ds Max software to create cinema-quality presentations and expertly showcase your architectural projects. The course will explain the basics of composition and visual storytelling from a filmmaker’s perspective, including such topics as storyboarding, shot selection, shot sequencing, and screen motion. We’ll then dive into camera techniques and workflow in 3ds Max, including camera selection, animation, rigging, and rendering, following through to postproduction and final output. Every building tells a story—learn how to tell the best story for your project.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to compose compelling shots.
    • Learn how to sequence shots for seamless cinematic flow.
    • Learn how to animate cameras in 3ds Max with maximum control.
    • Learn about basic camera rigs and how to create them.