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Checking the Flow: An Airport Pipework Analysis Case Study Using Project Dalton

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    This case study will provide an overview on how Aurecon has utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) to provide Queensland’s largest airport with a comprehensive analysis of the existing chilled water system within their domestic terminal. We will go through the steps undertaken from getting existing 2D as-installed documents and previously scanned models into Revit MEP software correctly for pipework analysis. Finally, we will go into detail on the process undertaken for getting all the engineering data correct and utilizing Autodesk, Inc.’s, latest product Project Dalton and its API to visually analyze the complex existing chilled water network through all of its various operating conditions.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how Project Dalton works and where it can assist you when designing/analyzing pipework systems
    • Learn what engineering information you need in order to use Project Dalton
    • Discover how to construct your models for best results
    • Learn how Project Dalton can benefit you on projects