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Campus and City Rapid-Energy Modeling and Data-Driven Forge Dashboard

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    Federal, state, local, and city governments are setting ambitious targets for reducing energy consumption of existing buildings through building retrofits. A challenge has been the scaling of energy analysis across large building portfolios in order to identify and prioritize the buildings and retrofit measures. Prior methods were limited to single buildings, but this session will introduce new capabilities that enable evaluation of entire building portfolios with minimal data inputs required. Results are presented dynamically in the context of a digital model and a custom Forge-based building portfolio management dashboard that serves as an executive summary for users or consumers of the rapid energy modeling (REM) tools, and enables easier communication and understanding of the workflow and results with clients. The session is intended for owners and managers, including the Department of Defense (DoD); federal, state, and local government; airports; higher education; architectural firms; and planning entities.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the need for REM based on energy simulation of intelligent models, and how to scale energy analyses to meet goals and mandates.
    • Discover through a case study at a military campus in the Northeast how REM can help streamline energy assessments.
    • Learn about scenario analysis and how to interpret and apply analysis results.
    • Learn how to effectively communicate results and assist with decision making using a Forge-based building performance management dashboard.