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Building Design Suite: BIM Roundtable

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    This roundtable discussion is designed to bring to the table those like-minded individuals who have the following in common: A desire to share their experiences based on a successful deployment of Building Design Suite workflows that take full advantage of the range of product solutions available in the suite. The roundtable explores past and existing project-based solutions and best practices while looking to use the range of products in Building Design Suite in a successful project workflow. The discussion also looks at technical problems that were encountered during this process and explores suggestions on how to resolve them. The concluding part of this roundtable addresses the lessons learned and looks to exchange a set of practical hints and tips that can assists the group in achieving a highly productive workflow.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the benefits of setting up a BIM framework based on your resources and Building Design Suite
    • Use firsthand honest feedback from companies that have devised a successful project workflow using Building Design Suite
    • Prepare better for potential problems and hurdles in a workflow that deploys Building Design Suite
    • Use real world knowledge in the form of valuable tips that help you better understand the workflows within the suite