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Bring Your BIM Horse Power to the Field: Fully Capitalize On BIM 360 Field and Its API

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    This class gives firsthand insights into the application and documented quantified benefits of bringing Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies to the field at Max Bögl Group, Germany’s largest privately owned construction company. We will discuss how we were able to deliver construction management workflows with higher quality and in significantly less time than before, and we’ll share best practice workflows for Navisworks software, BIM 360 Glue software, and BIM 360 Field software. As a highlight we will share how we enriched the regular BIM 360 software platform by creating a custom document-management system integration, linking 3D elements to detailed 2D CAD documents. The result is an automated, rule-based integration of 2D plans for 3D models with web and mobile access. A 3D object is then linked to its CAD metadata, checklists, issues, tasks, and respective (plan) documents, and it can be tracked with a QR code.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to quantify the benefits of using BIM 360 products with regards to construction management workflows
    • Learn how to fully capitalize on BIM 360 Field, including issues, checklists, tasks, equipment, QR codes, daily updates, and reports
    • Discover how 3D model objects and 2D CAD documents can be integrated together to offer comprehensive information on site
    • Learn how BIM 360 Field library and equipment API services can be used for data exchange with document management systems