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A Bridge Too Far: When Invention Outpaces Innovation (A Failure Story)

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    "ConTech startups face unique problems. Some solutions can be proven by a single user in an afternoon. These are easily adopted. However, the largest opportunities for tangible change aren't as simple to prove out. These big problems (opportunities) persist for the same three reasons: 1. Their impact (or risk of impact) on the project. 2. Their immersion into every person and process on the project. 3. Their resilience to being dethroned. At Grit Virtual, we were given an incredible opportunity. To not only address the pain points that non-digital collaboration creates but also to usher in the era of artificial project intelligence. All of the ingredients for disruption were available. A powerful software platform could finally be web based. VR had made BIM accessible by the masses. Simple machine learning could vastly enhance predictive analytics. And Lean Practices were becoming common place on jobsites. So far, we have failed to create this disruption. Let us share in this Forge class what we learned and how we are adjusting."

    Key Learnings

    • To delineate the difference between invention and innovation in construction.
    • To understand whether a status quo limitation is a false barrier or a truly immovable roadblock
    • To understand the difference between micro and macro technology solutions and where each is vulnerable.
    • How to assess what are achievable solutions to construction pain points.