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Better Design Insight Equals Better Building Performance!

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    Architects and engineers must increasingly consider building performance during the design process, and Insight offers them a beautiful, intuitive platform with centralized access to its building-energy and environmental-performance data and advanced-analysis engines. Through robust bidirectional BIM (Building Information Modeling) integration, direct access to leading analysis tools, and guidance and recommendations from industry benchmarks such as Architecture 2030 and ASHRAE 90.1, designers can pursue better performance outcomes throughout the building lifecycle. In this session, we will explore Insight through FormIt Pro and Revit software. We will explore the automatic analytical model-creation features, take advantage of cloud computing to consider millions of potential outcomes at once, and share these insights with the team, all in the name of achieving better outcomes continuously and consistently, from early targeting and feasibility all the way through to operation.

    Key Learnings

    • Better understand building energy, environmental, and lifecycle performance using Insight as a guide
    • Learn how to generate insights with FormIt and Revit and visualize results directly in the modeling environment
    • Learn how to organize and share insights, using real-time cause-and-effect feedback as your guide
    • Discover how Insight offers a fast and easy workflow for generating meaningful results in your practice