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BIM Success for InterCity Railway—Setting the Standard for Model-Based Delivery

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    The Norwegian National Railway Administration has set a new standard for model-based project delivery. The Administration now requires that all subject disciplines deliver models—at all levels of detail—and that all construction will be done using these models. In this class the Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager for Norway’s InterCity Project will discuss the benefits and lessons learned, and will provide a demonstration of this concept using InterCity as the example. The InterCity Project is a complex 250-kilometer alignment of high-speed double-track railway through 22 towns and cities. Adding to the complexity, the project was split into sections and awarded to different consultants, which required keen coordination and collaboration under the direction of the Railway Administration. An agnostic approach to software and model creation is used—because it is only the resulting model that matters most to the Administration. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn why the mandate for model-based project delivery is changing the future of rail projects in the Nordics
    • Learn the necessary requirements for effective BIM-model-based delivery mandated by the governmental agency in charge of the project
    • Understand the benefits of moving away from traditional delivery to model-based delivery
    • Witness a successful project from the eyes of a stakeholder, and see how you would use this in your business