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BIM - Practice the future seen from PERI´s viewpoint as supplier and service provider

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    PERI as supplier of the construction industry is faced with the challenges to meet the multitude of different requirements of our clients. Clients are traditional well-established construction companies , but also increasingly project managers, architects as well as building owners. The complexity of the projects to be delivered poses another challenge. These projects range from small single-family homes, big office buildings, through to complex high-rise buildings, sophisticated 3D freeform surfaces, infrastructureand industrial projects. <br /><br />The core topic of this lecture will be how PERI meets these challenges, how it produces solutions, and, ultimately, how PERI provides its clients a broad range of services. Learn more on PERI´s way of providing its clients with its best practice services, how PERI drives its strategy of process integration within its chain of suppliers, and how the BIM 360 Platform reinforces factors such as quality, time, safety, and costs on-site.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the working processes from the perspective of a material supplier
    • Know how BIM 360 Glue and Field can be used in an effective way
    • Seeing BIM as a new method of collaboration and not as a software
    • Learn about differnet BIM Levels in the design phase and execution phase