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BIM Management and Collaboration: The Role of Standards and Classification

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    Explore the crucial role of standards and classification systems, focusing on collaboration and BIM management. Learn how adhering to ISO 19650 can improve project outcomes by delivering greater consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. We'll show the importance of open standards such as IFC and COBie, which facilitate interoperability between different software platforms and promote collaboration across different teams and disciplines. Furthermore, we'll highlight the importance of classification systems like UniClass, and UniFormat, which can greatly improve collaboration and communication between project stakeholders by providing a common language for sharing information. In addition, we'll present how Autodesk Interoperability Tools can effectively support the implementation and use of these standards and classification systems.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the key standards and classification systems used in the AEC industry.
    • Learn about integrating Autodesk interoperability tools to support implementation and use of standards and classification systems.
    • Validate the effectiveness of standards and classification systems in achieving better project outcomes.
    • Learn about the fundamentals of BIM standards and classification systems.