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BIM to Field and Back Again

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    The past decade has seen many changes to both design software and data collection hardware. Methods that were once considered the norm now seem archaic in the eyes of today's engineers and field specialists who utilize new technologies such as the cloud to share information in real time. It is the overall seamless connection between design and field execution that has taken the industry to a new level—allowing for advanced productivity and a more seamless workflow. These once-siloed areas of construction and building management now work together in an integrated fashion. Learn how to take advantage of hardware and software solutions for BIM mapping and data collection that will ultimately improve the overall efficiency of your business.

    Key Learnings

    • List the steps needed to link hardware and software to enable a more seamless workflow from field to office
    • Explain how the current and future integration of design and field execution will create a stronger construction market
    • Use integrated hardware and software solutions, through the cloud, to reduce labor and increase profits
    • Describe the complete, seamless workflow and explain how it will increase productivity across your entire BIM process