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BIM Deployment Methodology in a Large Design Enterprise: CAG's BIM Practice and Escalation

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    This class introduces a proven Building Information Modeling (BIM) strategy and deployment methodology for people, process, and technology at CADRG, a large design enterprise. Already a renowned architectural design institute in China, CADRG has made a big effort since 2009 to mobilize its 8,000 professionals and become a leading player in the BIM domain. CADRG has found ways to popularize BIM after 5 years practice and is aiming to deploy BIM across its entire enterprise for design production in the next 5 to 8 years. CADRG believes the experience will influence and drive BIM adoption in other large design firms, especially those in emerging areas such as China. Four projects show how market challenges, kickoff BIM initiatives, project staffing, incentive measurement, calculation of the ROI of human resources, collaboration with the owner and other stakeholders, understanding construction from a design perspective, BIM software localization, and other issues were addressed.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain BIM strategies and deployment methodology in a large design enterprise
    • Set up a collaborative design effort and measure ROI of BIM design
    • Explain what a design company can do for the owner in a BIM project
    • Describe the status of BIM adoption and practice in emerging markets such as China