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BIM Autodesk Software in an Engineering Consulting Company
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The use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in an engineering consultancy company is very much a question of predicting field problems in order to anticipate resolutions and thereby avoid rework, delays, and possible negative impacts for the client. Using BIM, as well as Autodesk tools, has enabled us to reach this level of maturity of delivering value to the end customer in order to ensure that some studies and concepts can be virtualized and stressed in advance, causing the least possible impact on the constructions. The objective of using BIM in a consultative engineering company is certainly given by the role of manager; therefore, we have as main characteristics of use the thought of monitoring and managing the enterprise, using the models for validations and changes in scope, planning assistance, attack plan analyzes, earth-moving analyzes, and so on.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to apply the BIM methodology to projects, with a focus on its management.
  • Learn how to use Autodesk tools to support the management of the enterprise.
  • Learn how to conduct constructive simulations.
  • Learn about the validation of construction actions virtually.



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