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BIM 360 Plan—Practical Implementation for Lean Construction

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    The class will cover the Last Planner principles developed by the Lean Institute and how the software supports this principle. The benefits of adopting the Last Planner principles include increased reliability, greater savings in time and cost, less wastage of materials, and greater utilization of plant. The benefits are further enhanced by collaboration with the supply chain, where they can review their elements of a plan in line with main contractors, and feed into BIM 360 Plan web service, therefore streamlining interactions. The gains made through BIM 360 Plan in this process (such as staying in the field longer) reduce time spent compiling reports in the office and improve Planed Percentage Complete (PPC) with accountability for lost time weekly—enabling root-cause analysis to aid in targeted software and provide a platform for detailed whole project as-built data. Finally, the class will also briefly discuss the benefits of BIM 360 Plan supporting construction claims, and its use to minimize disputes. This session features BIM 360 Plan. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the benefits of Last Planner principles
    • Understand the process of Last Planner principles
    • Understand the benefits of BIM 360 Plan in supporting Last Planner principles
    • Understand the potential value of BIM 360 Plan