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BIM 360 Ops-Extending BIM Value to the Owner/Operator: A Case Study

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    This discussion will focus on CREFTS' (Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Travel, Safety, & Security) BIM 360 Ops internal Autodesk deployment, and offer a glimpse from concept to deployment across the Autodesk portfolio. We'll review the steps taken-from planning, pilot, and deployment-and discuss our pathway to success and how we're using BIM 360 Ops software from projects to building operations. We'll share best practices, insight into rollout, and a glimpse of where we're heading with automation and machine learning.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about BIM 360 Ops
    • Learn the different ways and means to deploy BIM 360 Ops
    • Discover best practices for setup and management across the enterprise
    • Learn the proper setup during BIM planning and execution