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BIM 360 to the MAT (Management, Administration, and Troubleshooting)

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    This class will look at overall management, administration, and troubleshooting for BIM 360 software. We’ll demonstrate tips and techniques for managing larger number of BIM 360 projects (200-plus), and cover areas such as project governance, management of local collaboration cache, initial setup techniques, and best practices. We’ll point out some common areas of confusion for project administrators, and we’ll delve into common issues with using Revit software and the Autodesk Desktop Connector with BIM 360 and discuss how to mitigate those issues. We’ll also cover some unique ways of utilizing BIM 360 Document Management and BIM 360 Design Collaboration for internal uses such as Revit Content Management.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to successfully create a BIM 360 project
    • Learn how to apply techniques to troubleshoot most-common BIM 360 hang-ups
    • Learn how to implement BIM 360 projects from a large scale
    • Learn how to use BIM 360 for internal content management