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BIM: 1 Size Fits Small

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    Many feel that larger architecture, engineering, and construction firms are more capable of implementing a Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution, but the truth is, smaller firms are just as fit, if not more apt, to convert their processes and social environments to benefit the implementation of a BIM environment. The flexibility smaller firms have—and their options for additional services, opportunities, and established close relationships—give them a high probability for a successful BIM implementation.

    Key Learnings

    • Hear from a smaller engineering firm who created a roadmap for its BIM environment implementation, and its experience with Revit
    • Discover the benefits of creating a strategy for a BIM-environment implementation before your first Revit project
    • Learn the best practices for decreasing the learning curve and accelerating a BIM environment implementation
    • Discover how a firm changes when implementing a BIM environment, from both a technological and social perspective