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Navisworks Manage—Empowering Clash Detection

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    Clash detection and interference checking have greatly improved how we deal with issues during the design phase. But without a comprehensive method for managing interferences, we quickly end up with thousands of meaningless clashes. To enhance your coordination process we will present some rules to improve clash detection and management during design phases. We will illustrate this class with a case study from Paris where clash detection helped to find and solve coordination problems on a complex laboratory project. This class will covers various methods for creating an efficient clash-detection matrix, import Revit software models in Navisworks Manage software, set up the associate selection sets, and run clash detection. We will see how to group clash results into meaningful reports, and how to automate this process using Navisworks software plug-in. Finally, we will see how to use these clash reports for measuring progress in the coordination during the design phase.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to organize your clash-detection matrix around subjects instead of trades
    • Learn how to standardize your coordination process using selection set, filters, and plug-ins
    • Learn how to automate your clash-detection sorting process
    • Learn how to measure your coordination progress