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Automatic BIM Standards Checking in BIM 360

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    Traditionally, checking BIM (Building Information Modeling) standards is performed manually by BIM experts. At times, standards are not met while making revisions in the drawings. This results in a lot of rework at jobsites and also during building approvals with local authorities. In this class, we will explain how we’ve automated the process of checking BIM standards in the building design within BIM 360 software. We have built a BIM connector within BIM 360; it enables automatic rule checks in the building design each time the building design file is modified or uploaded in BIM 360. Checker results are made ready for view via an email update. This automation not only reduces dependency on the manual checking of BIM standards by BIM experts, but it also saves time, cuts cost overruns, and reduces chances of rework, as the design failures are caught early on in the construction chain process.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover innovative workflows for automatic BIM standard checking in BIM 360.
    • Discover how BIM standards can be checked through a set of computer programs instead of by manual checking.
    • Learn about better collaboration across disciplines and roles, including design professionals, MEP engineers, and others.
    • Discover best practices in BIM standards.