Lecture    MP3507
Autodesk® Revit® MEP Templates: Increasing Productivity
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Welcome to the ever-changing and evolving Building Information Modeling (BIM) world. This class is designed for BIM managers and Revit leaders who are responsible for setting up the company Autodesk Revit MEP software template. During this class, you will learn best practices for creating and managing a Revit MEP template. We are also going to examine a template that is not really a template (RTE file) and explore the benefits it has versus the traditional RTE template file. In addition, you will learn how to integrate the new features into your existing template and reduce hundreds and hundreds of design hours replacing your old workflow. Some of the things that we are going to explore include naming conventions and managing views, customizing pipe/duct/conduit/cable tray types, the all new pipe and duct systems, view templates, things that should be in your template, and many other little tips that will take your Revit MEP template to the next level.

Key Learnings

  • Discover new ways to manage the architectural background display through a project template
  • Use the latest capabilities of Revit MEP
  • Organize and manage the project browser
  • Create pipe types and define default fittings for the pipe types



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